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Listen to sermons that connect spiritual teachings to the relevant issues of our day. Currently featuring sermons at Western Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C., this site will eventually have sermons from progressive Christian voices around the world.
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Current Episodes:
  • Pub Date: Jun 19, 2016
  • Unhidden Treasure - Cunningham
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  • Matthew 13:44-53; Psalm 133

    This week's parables of the kingdom of heaven compare it to treasure - something precious that requires a commitment from the person who pursues it. After last week's tragedy of violence in Orlando, how might we recommit to what is most precious, most important in God's sight?
  • Pub Date: Jun 12, 2016
  • Growing in Faith - Cadwallader
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  • For too long, the loudest voice in the name of Christianity in our culture has been one which that has declared judgment and incited punishment of a portion of God's children. In the name of "love," churches have excommunicated members, families have shunned their children, and policies have been endorsed to declare GLBTQI persons as second-class citizens. In less extreme but still damaging ways, churches have created requirements for membership that inherently exclude GLBTQI persons, families have withheld support and love from their GLBTQI members, and abstinence from voting has enabled bigotry to rise to the top. This voice of Christianity in our culture, along with the shooter himself and the influence of terrorist organizations, bears a measure of responsibility for the loss of the 50 souls that perished in the largest mass shooting which took place at the night club named Pulse in Orlando, FL on June 12, 2016. This Christian voice bears a measure of responsibility for these 50 souls and the countless others who have been victimized by the denial of God's creation within them. It is important to name this voice in order for grace to enter in.

    As God's children, we are all oriented towards growth. All of us. Those who have espoused this kind of hurtful vitriol and committed acts of violence, those who have stood as faithful allies to the GLBTQI, and those of us who identify as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex or questioning - all of us are children of God and all of us oriented for growth through Christ's redeeming love. It is important that we, as Christians, speak this message of God's grace and love more loudly - not in judgement, not to punish, not to feel righteous - but because Christ commanded us to love God and to love one another.

    I wrote this sermon before the deadliest mass shooting happened and I preached it hours after it happened, though I was unaware of the details. I am grateful to have preached the sermon that I did. Upon reflection, it was a Word I needed to embed within my spirit in order to bear the news of this awful tragedy without despairing.

    The first reading in our worship service was Psalm 139: 1-18. Following this reading, I stood up in the pulpit and preached the following sermon.
  • Pub Date: Jun 05, 2016
  • Plans I have for You. Guyer
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  • Janet Guyer, a mission co-worker whom Western has supported for many years, will be with us at Western this Sunday. She will talk about her work focusing on women’s and children’s issues in four African countries - Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.